Thursday, October 16, 2008

What daily challenges really mean

So the Law of Attraction states that we should enjoy what we are doing so every time I would hit a wall I would give up because it was hard and life is supposed to be easy, Right? Well this is what I have learned recently.

When you are changing and becoming your intended self and setting and meeting goals you are stepping outside of your own box. This means that youa re goign to run into things that you have never done before and they will seem hard and frustrating. What does this wall mean? It means that you are moving forward, get excited because you are reaching new heights in your life and this little bump should be looked at as opportunity to learn a new skill or way of doing things.

So don't give up when it gets a little hard, find a new way to get to the other side of these challenges and move forward happily toward your intensions.
Shelly Epperly
Coaching you to your success!!!

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