Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting your intensions clear!

So you figured out what you want. Are you ready to get into the details and figure out what it is you really want? I have clients who say I just want to witn the lottery and everythign would be great. Really?! So you would pay off your bills, buy some really nice stuff, spoil a few loved ones and invest s little and then what?.... History shows that if somebody is not ready for the financial windfall they will end right back where they started. The moral of the story... You need to change for your situation to change so here we go. Hang on.

Your goals need to be your intension every single day. You need to work towards them and step farther out of your comfort zone every day to grow into the bigger person that you are striving to be.

Homework, Take a 3x5 card, cut it in half and on one side write down your intensions/goals int he present tense. Example, I am..... and then on teh other side write down 6 things that you need to do that day to bring you steps closer to your goal in order of priority. If something gets bumped move it tot he next day. This will help you get closer everyday and boost your confidence in yourself by accomplishing soem realy actions daily. Keep challenging yourself and visualizing and you will wake up and be ther before you know it.

Creat you life Now!

Shelly Epperly
Life Coach
Coaching you to your success!

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