Friday, October 31, 2008

My new LOA group, we meet every Thursday evening :o)

So I had my second LOA meet up with my Mom and 3 others and it went so well! We meet here in Klamath Falls at Elmers Restaurant at 6:30 PM, casual, no host, girls night out sort of thing.

The first one last week transpired because I was all signed up to teach a class on the LOA and due to lack of participation the Community College canceled it so I am on for Winter term and shortened my class. Sooo anyhow it all worked out because due to some negativity and lessons that needed to be learned on my part I dislocated my knee the day that my actual class would have started. So I get a call from an old friend who I had reconnected with a little bit due to her daughter and my stepdaughter being friends, she asks if I was the one doing the class? I tell her yes and she informs me that she signed up for it and was super bummed that it was not going to happen and could we get together anyway. YES I say and so we agreed to start it in a few weeks due to My knee and her up coming trip to see her sick Dad.

The first meeting was great, there were 4 of us. I advertised a bit on a few free sites in the community about our little group get together and got one taker. We just talked about how we all got to the LOA and what we all knew about it. We wrapped it up with an assignment to write our perfect day.

Last night was our second meeting and we gained a person so there were 5 of us. We all ordered a little something yummy, OK I did, cinnamon swirl french toast made from a sticky bun YUM!!!! We talked and talked about our perfect day, about how once you discover the LOA and how to use it there is no turning back. We discussed how when you find yourself bringing negative things into your life it is so easy to turn it around, see the positive and move forward to what you really want.

I am looking so forward to next week and our growing group of like minded souls getting together and keeping each other on track.

Stay tuned for more updates on our LOA group.

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