Saturday, November 1, 2008

You have to chenge and this is why!

So you are walking through a park and a big dog comes bounding up to you... If you are afraid of dogs you panic looking for somewhere to go, a way to get away from him... If you are a dog lover you are excited to see him and start talking to him and petting him.

So what is the difference here? It was not the dog, it was the person. So the moral to this story is that it takes your perception of the situation to change it. You have to change to make your life/world change.

So you don't like someone that you work with? It is time for you to change and the situation will then change to your specifications. Start doing things differently. take baby steps if needed. Bring them a coffee out of the blue. Start to picture what the perfect co worker would be like when you catch yourself fantasizing about cement blocks and duct tape. Seriously though you have to change because it is eating you alive. They are not changing, they are just doing what they do so start today to make that person, situation what you want it to be by seeing things in a new light. You will be amazed how the Universe will start to shift to make your perfect picture come to light.

This works with every situation that you are in that you are not happy with. The sooner that you realize this the sooner that things will change and make your life what you want it.

Have fun changing and create a great life!!

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Kalisha said...

Thanks for stopping by uv skinz blog!
I love the positivity and great advice you give in your blog.
I totally agree that we are in control of every situation. An example I have is that I was complaining to my husband that I couldn't make any mom friends because they were all too snooty to speak, and then he said "maybe it's you." And I had never thought about that because I thought I was a pretty friendly person. But once he brought it too my attention I decided to be friendlier and approach people first with a different attitude.
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