Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Body and The Law of Attraction

Are you happy with your body? You should be because honestly that is the only way to be with your body and the only way that you will transform it to a better, healthier body to be in. Let me explain. Your Body and the Law os attraction are connected.

So you are not happy about some part of your body, maybe the whole thing? You bitch about it, think bad thoughts about it, put alot of energy, emotion and feeling into all of this and guess what you are going to get.
Like I said your body and the law of attraction are connected so you get more of a problem with whatever it was that you were complaining and putting energy towards. Energy flow where attention goes.

Now think about how great your body is, did you know that our bodies are worth 45 million dollars if pieced out and sold, I am pretty sure that is against the law but never the less true. So now it sounds pretty good! If you had a 45 million dollar race horse would you feed him cheeseburgers and fries, sugar coated crap, junk food? I don't think so so you should be treating your body with much more respect and gratitude and feed to fuel. Exercise to strengthen and build endurance for a long life.

So next time you are looking in the mirror and start to bitch think again and be thankful for all of it and and start visualizing the perfect body for you. When you are eating repeat the words or thoughts that "this food makes me skinny and healthy". It only takes 21 days to reprogram and start a new habit so go for it and be happy with your new skinny, healthy body. And remember, thing skinny and healthy only.

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