Sunday, December 11, 2011

Changing Your Default Settings will Change Your Life.

Just like the computer sitting in front of you your mind has default settings. Default settings are the truths that you unconscious mind have that keep you where you are in life on all levels. Until you change these default settings you will stay where you are. Your unconscious mind is connected through source, the universe, with everyone else's unconscious mind and that is why situations and people keep you where you are by default.

So in order to change the default settings you have to have some will power to reprogram your unconscious mind to a new set of defaults. At first you will run into some obstacles because your unconscious will try to keep you from changing these but if done consistently the reprogramming will happen and Taa Dah you are living life with a new default setting and others around you unconsciously lift you up to a new level along with your unconscious mind.

Techniques for changing... You have to put new positive truths/defaults into your unconscious mind by using your conscious mind to visualize and affirm that situations are already truth or real in your life. The great thing about the unconscious mind is that it doesn't know if things are real or pretend so it takes it as truth and sets it as default when played over and over. Just like when you were a kid and you heard your parents arguing about bills and the financial struggles over and over again. That then became truth to your unconscious mind and your default setting. So to change it to a new truth will take some time and new habits. You will show your unconscious mind pretend visualizations, coupled with affirmations of things that are in present tense  and feelings of being there now that will trick it into setting a new default.

First decide what new default settings your want to be at. Do you want more money for a better lifestyle? Do you want a job that you enjoy? Do you want a better relationship with those around you? Figure it out and get ready to change your settings.

Write it down in present tense like it has already happened. Oh and trow a little happiness and gratitude in there for good measure. I Shelly am so happy and grateful now that I am receiving abundance in all aspects by showing others how to change their lives for the better.

Now turn that affirmation into a visual. What does that look like to you? Are you working your dream job? Is your bank account full of money? Are you reconnecting with your spouse? Close your eyes and make a mental movie of what that looks like.

Add feeling to the vision. Feelings are what you have that really embed into your unconscious mind so while you are writing the affirmation and visualizing the experience you have to get emotional about it so your unconscious recognizes it as truth and starts to reset your default to bigger and better.

Repeat this daily, once in the morning and once int he evening. I like to write that affirmation several times, 5 to 10, and then sit quietly and visualize the experience and feeling it.

Sometimes you will see results right away sometimes it will take weeks or a month to start to see things turn around. The more believable it is to you the faster it will happen. So if you want more money in your bank account and you visualize having millions it will be a while before you convince the unconscious of that but if you just up it by $1000 for now you will see that a lot sooner. So keep it small at first and then grow it bigger and bigger.

Most important have fun with it and turn it into a daily habit and watch as your life starts to change for the better.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Understanding why you are stuck.

So you have read all the books, you know what you need to do to become more abundant in all areas of your life but experiences just keep coming up that keep you right where you are...What the hell?

Did you know that you have a default setting just like the computer that you are reading this on does? Yeppers it is called your unconscious mind and it tries to keep you safe right where you are. The unconscious mind picks up on all the experiences that you have in life and I do mean all and locks them away. The experiences that you have that are influential or have a lot of energy behind them are the ones that your unconscious mind set as your default. So when you have self doubt that you replay in your mind to yourself or verbalize to others or you hear something about you from an important, influential person in your life your unconscious mind takes that as truth and sets your default to it.

Your unconscious mind is also connected with everyone's unconscious mind so they without knowing it consciously either do things to lift you to your default or lower you to it, keeping you there. This process happens through energy that you put out and is picked up by others.

So the trick to changing your life is to change your default settings.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being Successful Does Not Require Hard Work...

This seems to be a belief that is put on us at a young age and it is a hard one to shake for some. If you are doing what you love... following your calling you should not be working hard to achieve success. You may be sweating and thinking hard but if it is what you are happy doing it will feel great not hard.

The nest time you think of how you are going to reach financial and life success remember that you need to do what you enjoy and the rest will fall into place.

Go back to my previous post. When the "what ifs" rear their heads turn it around to "what if everything always worked out better than I thought" and move on doing what makes you happy.

Writing these blogs and articles is what makes me happy... I love sharing my natural knowledge of the LOA with anyone who is ready to receive it, that is my calling and I am a success because of it. So go find what makes you tick and start doing it just a little each day and see where it takes you... You will be pleasantly surprised how successful you become.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What if... Everything always worked out for you?

Imagine that story for yourself. Most people complain about how nothing ever works out for them. And they are right when you say that and feel that it becomes your reality. So what can you do to make everything work out great or even better than expected? You need to change your story... start small. Tell every one that you are doing great when the ask and you know they will. Slowly build on that... "Yeah I am doing great and things just keep turning in my favor.. life is good!"

The more you say it and feel it the more it will become who you are and what happens to you.

To boost this process you can write it down a few times. " I Shelly am so happy and grateful that everything works out great or better that expected for me." Picture the perfect situation and how great it feels. These affirmations and visualizations can help bring about your new way of thinking and living.

Be the shining example, Be the change you want to see.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attracting Money... It is the energy exchange that our society runs on.

Have you heard about the lady who attracted the 112 million dollar lottery? I saw her on two tv shows...Oprah and How the Lottery Changed My Life... Here is her story in a nut shell. She believed and understood the LOA and for some reason had the 112 million figure in her sights. She was sure if she played the lottery when the winnings reached 112 million that she would win and she did on a quick pick.

The reason that this worked for her is because she knew that is she played the lottery at 112 million that she would win. She believed it completely, just like jumping off that building you are going to hit the ground. I tis just a universal law. She didn't get caught up in the details of how it was going to happen or picking the right numbers she just knew with undying faith that is would happen.

When I explain the LOA to others I tell them to do a little experiment.... Close your eyes and think of an object, any object. Now imagine that object right in front of you; can you hold it? Now get the senses involved... how does it feel... how does it smell.... look... does it make noise?  Really get into the details of the object. Now open your eyes and take note how quickly it takes for the Universe to bring that object to you in your physical world.  For me it is usually less than an hour and it appears. This is amazing.

Now put the whole experiment on a much bigger level. Actually it is not a bigger level we just make it out to be so much more than it is... Attracting money of any value is as simple as experiencing it in our minds... knowing that without a doubt that we will get it in our physical world and being open to receiving it.

We get stuck. Our society puts this big misconception on how we as a whole think about money... We have to work hard for it. When we start to shift to what we want to do with that money and stop getting in our own way about how we will get it that is when it will flow into our lives more easily. Money is just another energy that we use to create experiences in this physical world.

Start a bigger experiment and start seeing that money and those experiences you want to enjoy with the money and watch the miraculous ways that is comes into your life. Who knows you might be the next lottery winner. law of attraction, attracting money energy, manifesting money

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Allowing others to be where they are at.

We all do it. Judge others. We all know best how to make other people do better and live better. I mean come on if so and so would just stop whining and get out and do something constructive his or her life might just turn around. I know that is something that I have to let go in my life a lot. I am a bit of an analyzer... always watching and observing what others are doing and what they can do to make their lives better. I guess that is why I love the LOA because it brings quick results.

The thing I have to keep going back to is that unless someone is asking for my help they are just venting and complaining about their current situation and sometimes it is important to just listen and watch them figure it out for themselves. It is not alway, only sometimes, my job to show others tools that will help make their life a better one.

Just like me on my journey through life and learning others are taking a path that works for them and it is great to watch them grow with or without my help. I see myself as a teacher and sometimes that means shutting up and getting curious about what others are capable of.