Sunday, September 1, 2013

What goes up has to come down... Syndrome or Reality?

So are you one of those people that believes that when everything is going great that it will all fall apart? Do you wait for the shit to hit the fan? Does life constantly crash down around you? Do you know why and how to change it?

If this is happening to you it is not a coincidence and it doesn't meant that your life sucks or that God is mad at you. What it means is that you have been taught to believe this and your beliefs rule your life. Is there always bad with the good? Yes there is there is always contrast to everything. So what makes some people have a wonderful life skipping over the bumps that come up and others are falling down constantly unable to get past some of these bumps?

The answer is Focus. It is what each person focuses on and more importantly believes that they should focus on. This makes all the difference because what you focus on is what you get more of. This explains how some people skip through life while others seem to fall constantly and getting up is such a struggle. It is all in what they are conditioned to focus on.

I like to think that I am one of the people in life that skips a lot, bouncing over the bumps with faith that the road will be solid and true on the other side to allow me to continue to skip. Do I get caught up and tripped? Yeah I do but nowadays I get up quickly and bounce and skip. How do I do this? How did I learn this?

I learned about the Law of Attraction and the first Rule, in my opinion, is that you have to be willing to take responsibility for what happens in your life. Some can't do this because they have been conditioned to believe that others have done things to them and that everyone else is to blame for their problems. It is much easier to wallow in that and put it off, give it away to others than to pull themselves up and create a better life. So the first step is to Take Full Responsibility for your Life... Right NOW! Even what happened to you when you were a baby and child, after all your soul chose to come here when it did and with who. IF you can do this your life will change.

When you take responsibility for your life you can step in and change what you believe. You can take charge of your focus and after you work at it for a while it will become habit and you will find yourself skipping through life as you should be, enjoying the jumps and bounces and continue skipping.

What should you focus on? This is simple. Focus on the good in all situations. At first this will be a struggle but you will get better and better at it and it becomes habit. You get in a fight with a loved one... Focus on what there is to learn.... How can you be a better person in the situation. There is a Natural disaster or War.... Focus on the helpers and inspiring stories... renew your faith in humans. Your car breaks down.... Be grateful that you are going to get a new one or have the resources to get it fixed or find another mode of transportation. Every situation has a silver lining and it has become your job to find it.

This shift will change your life forever... Enjoy your skipping.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being in the Now

I just watched a documentary about a man who went on a journalism assignment and wound up getting to interview/ask the Dalai Lama 10 questions.

What I found most fascinating about the conversation and why we as Americans are so unhappy with life is that we have such a hard time being happy with what we have... Right Now. We are raised to constantly strive for more, more, more. In that process of more and more we lose sight of what is right there in our lives at this moment. NOW.

Have you actually taken stock in what is in your life at this moment? Are you warm, is your body nourished, do you have people who love and care about you? I believe this is where the Gratitude comes into play in the LOA. Being in a state of gratitude for what you have now is a part of the process to create a better tomorrow and a HAPPY NOW! Because really Now is all you have.

I am talking real gratitude here. Not just a list that you are forced to sit down and write out, although that is a start. I am talking about making it a habit to constantly be in an attitude of gratitude so you don't miss the answers to your desires that are thrown into your lives, sometimes not so clearly. For example if you are asking for a new car and your current vehicle breaks down and is irreparable.... Most reactions would be devastation and struggle... You have to know that you asked for that. Maybe not in the best way and you now know better so you can ask better next time. Either way you have to get a new car or ride the bus.

When you are appreciating everything that comes into your life you start to recognize these things that happen to answer your questions and desires and you get better and better at asking. Example, I want a new car and I want it to happen in the best possible way, better than I expect it to. And for NOW I am grateful that I have a working car to drive. Then you will get amazing results that include a new car without the struggle because you are expecting better and you get better.

Start right now with the List of Things/Situations/People that you are Grateful for RIGHT NOW!!! Start to recognize what you are grateful for in the moment. In all moments of the day and watch as your life becomes better and happier in the moment and how bright your future is when you expect it to be better.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Contrast Keeps Bringing me Around.

So I was just reading a post by Bob Proctor about greener pastures and how we are always seeking them... it is what we do. Even if we think we are never going to get there we still look and drool a little. If I could just hit those numbers oh how things would change. So I am in a bit of crisis right now... nothing big just hitting some contrast that yesterday seemed bleak because I was in that "never going to get there" mode. After a nice chat with my husband and (yes I know it is cheesy but he is my) best friend too. We both had a little revelation. You don't have to see the whole stair case you just have to take the first step. You know from the secret movie...

I have been teaching/mentoring/pushing if you will, The Law of Attraction on the people around me both in person and on Facebook and it just hit me last night that I don't have t jump in and be the workshop leader that I want to become right away. I can take the first few steps now. In reality I already have... I have written a book Happy Change Life , I have this blog and I seem to be inspiring quite a few people in my social circle. Hell I am even doing some LOA based Life Coaching a few times a week. I am doing it and for some reason I was not aware of that.

Sometimes it is hardest to see the forest through the trees.

So what is next for me? I want to do more Life Coaching. I want to keep doing eBay because I love the hunt and the sell. I want to more grateful for the life that I lead and the great people in my life.

As I sit here in my computer chair, pulling my imaginary seat belt across my lap (yes in my Camaro) I am ready to take on more of what I really love to do... Help others realized and get their goals... that is my goal.

So if after reading this you want to start getting coached with me to make your life happier email me. call me. Facebook me and we can start right away.
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