Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being in the Now

I just watched a documentary about a man who went on a journalism assignment and wound up getting to interview/ask the Dalai Lama 10 questions.

What I found most fascinating about the conversation and why we as Americans are so unhappy with life is that we have such a hard time being happy with what we have... Right Now. We are raised to constantly strive for more, more, more. In that process of more and more we lose sight of what is right there in our lives at this moment. NOW.

Have you actually taken stock in what is in your life at this moment? Are you warm, is your body nourished, do you have people who love and care about you? I believe this is where the Gratitude comes into play in the LOA. Being in a state of gratitude for what you have now is a part of the process to create a better tomorrow and a HAPPY NOW! Because really Now is all you have.

I am talking real gratitude here. Not just a list that you are forced to sit down and write out, although that is a start. I am talking about making it a habit to constantly be in an attitude of gratitude so you don't miss the answers to your desires that are thrown into your lives, sometimes not so clearly. For example if you are asking for a new car and your current vehicle breaks down and is irreparable.... Most reactions would be devastation and struggle... You have to know that you asked for that. Maybe not in the best way and you now know better so you can ask better next time. Either way you have to get a new car or ride the bus.

When you are appreciating everything that comes into your life you start to recognize these things that happen to answer your questions and desires and you get better and better at asking. Example, I want a new car and I want it to happen in the best possible way, better than I expect it to. And for NOW I am grateful that I have a working car to drive. Then you will get amazing results that include a new car without the struggle because you are expecting better and you get better.

Start right now with the List of Things/Situations/People that you are Grateful for RIGHT NOW!!! Start to recognize what you are grateful for in the moment. In all moments of the day and watch as your life becomes better and happier in the moment and how bright your future is when you expect it to be better.


Judy Stone-Goldman said...

I do start my day with gratitude. It is a way for me to stay grounded and not get lost in worries and small problems that can take on too large a life. Nearly all my problems fall into the "small" category, and I want to stay mindful of that. I think the gratitude movement in general has really been powerful in creating a more positive energy that people put into the world. This post will help me sustain my gratitude throughout today--a good thing!

Kate Lindsay said...

I love what you wrote and I am on the same page as Judy. Most of my troubles fall into the category of "small" and being aware of that helps feed the feeling of gratitude and vice versa. Gratitude just feels good. And feeling good is a good goal to have. For me its really that simple. That's what I teach to my clients too.

Vicki Dello Joio said...

Starting my day with f\gratitude before my feet hit the floor is something I have been working with, sometimes more successfully than others, and think it can do everything to change the perspective of how I live my day.