Saturday, January 30, 2010

Automatic writing.

At our last LOA meeting we did some automatic writing and this was a first for me but m friend Jenny had done it before and said it was amazing. I am not one for stuff that gets weird so I thought it was her night to pick that activity so I just went with it and wanted to share what came out in the 20 minutes that we wrote. Keep in mind we all picked different places to sit so we could not see each other in the house.

Attitude, Sadness, Liberty.
Automatically I want to write with passion to promote myself to others with enthusiasm and grace.

Light is coming thru to me and showing how to make things real.

Together we make it ok for each other

Joy is what we seek in each other.

togetherness is needed here but is not necessary when we remember ourselves.

Life is all good for all of us to be.

Looking forward to future greatness is why we are here.

Pointless action makes us stuck in our unauthentic selves.

Reasons to Fail when we are.

Time is with us in our world.

Jesus is right, Jerry is Right.

Follow them, they have the path. They are wise to us all of the time.

All at once we see who we are and it makes us remember everything.

Greatness consumes us and takes us to better new places that are waiting.

Jealousy is waiting and must be ignored with respect and or allowance.

Massive change can only happen, it is the only option for all of us.

Chaos= change in all instances. Moving forward from all of it will produce insane amounts of change for each of us.

Jewish people know this.

Reassurance is always there to bring us and show us.

Types of situations can only make us stronger and more of who we chose to be when we came here.


That is it, it just flowed and was a great experience. I look forward to more.