Monday, September 14, 2009

My latest lesson on how I feel

We all have those rough weeks, days, hours where we know that we need to turn around and go with the flow but for some reason we would rather wallow in our misery for just a bit. Well folks that is where I was just a few short days ago and this is what I learned from it.

I got mad at my husband for not stepping up to the plate like I think he should to make his business work the way I think it should. Right there I am not minding my own business and what I was really doing was getting frustrated with myself for not doing what I need to do with my business, but I am pretty much perfect so it must be him. LOL.... Not!

In my inability to admit it was me that I was frustrated with I ended up calling my Aunt for a job that I did not want but thought I had better get to make it all better. 2 days later she offered it to me and that is when I started to freak out. You see I have been a stay at home mom for about 12 years now and the thought of not being here on days off, Christmas and Spring breaks, when they get off the bus.... the list goes on, well that was stressing me out.

Just about when I was stressed out to the max I sat my husband down and said what do you think and he just looked at me and said how does taking this job feel to you? OMG is that not what I have been studying all this time and here it was coming from my husband. I looked at him and said it feels horrible. And there was my answer and lesson learned.

It is that simple, when you are in any situation if it feels good go for it, if it feels bad turn the other way and find another option.

I love that man :o)