Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What kind of person are you?

Are you a Human Being that has Spiritual experiences or a Spiritual Being that is having a Human experience?

There are alot of people that don't realize that we are all connected with everything. If this is you it is time to work on your spiritual side. In order to fully understand the LOA you need to be a spiritual being and realize that we are having a human experience. This realization will open huge doors for you here on earth. It will wipe fear from your life and show you that you are capable of whatever you want.

Some of the ways to get in touch with your spiritual side is to meditate, just being with yourself and the Universe/God (insert your higher self here) helps you understand how deeply we are all connected through our subconscious or higher self. Believe me I know this is hard to do. I am a bit on the hyper side myself and need assistance with this. I go on youtube and search meditation and there are several great videos that will walk you thought the process and you can just sit right where you are and meditate. There are also book, audios and videos that you can purchase to help. So go to a quiet place, turn off the phone, lock the door and spend some time with your and your higher self.

Another way is to have one of these spiritual experiences that you hear about. Sometimes this happens to you, you have a near death experience, not recommended :o), you have a great soulful experience at church, you have a LOA moment that opens you up to the possibilities of the Universe. The best way to experience this is to get serious about The LOA or your ability to be one with the Universe/God through a prayer, affirmation etc...

So work on you and your spiritual side and get things moving in the right direction to be a bigger person right now!

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