Saturday, October 18, 2008

Be in an Attitude of Gratitude!

Did you know that you can bring more greatness into your life just by being grateful for what is here that you already have? It is so true and it is so important to consistantly be in this attitude of gratitude.

Think about this, You enter a restaurant and imidietly get upset with how the hostess treated you so you take it out on a very efficient waitress and the whole experience turns bad. Been there done that, right? Well think about if you go a different route and be a little sympathetic towards the hostess, maybe suggest that the nest customers get seated faster because not everyone will be as understanding as you are. Then your waitress comes over and you are very nice to her and thank her for her effecincey on the job. 2 totally different experience just by being in a different attitude, your attitude of gratitude.

You can get in the habit of this in many different ways, here are a few that work great for me.

Gratitude Rock, this works really good for men because they keep their stuff in their pockets everyday, so pick a smaller stone that will fit well with your change, keys and all that other stuff you keey in your pocket, it could even be a special trinket or coin. Everytime you put your handin your pocket and feel it in there be grateful for something, when you pull it out in the evening and put it back in the morning be grateful for more things. This is a great way to be consistant.

Writing thank you notes, I do this weekly. Every Monday I write 3 to 5 tahnk you notes to people in my life or to the Manager of the Store where I got great service by so and so at the service counter, I remember names or write them down so I can give credit where credit is due. I write to family memebers that helped talk me thru something, friends, coworkers, mentors etc... This is a great way because you are on the look out for who to write these notes to all week long so you are always being grateful.

You can come up with your own way or use mine. Give it a go and see the little things that start to shift and get bigger and better in your life!!!

Shelly Epperly, Life coach

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