Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It is time for you to live your life now!

Are you still waiting for things to turn around and go your way for once? Haven't you caught that break that would make it all ok? Still wondering why others are getting the things that you want? Yeah.... I have a little secret for you....

There are no breaks, turnarounds, getting what others have until you pull you head out. Sound a little harsh? Good I have you attention.

I used to think that same way until I saw the Secret and now I live everyday by the LAW. By now you have probably heard about the Law of Attraction, it has been in the news, written about, talked about, etc... So What is IT?!

Very simply it is your thoughts and feelings that create your life. Everything that is in your life right now has been created by what you think and feel about.
Example, You are affraid you are going to be late so you are putting alot of energy and feeling into not being late and then you are late. What why would that be? you ask. Well it is because your putting alot of energy into being late. Next time put that energy into being early and things will change, I promise.

Your first lesson on the Law.

It is time for you test this theory, so here is a great way to see just how powerful it is.

Close your eyes and think of an object, really see it, color, texture, shape, take it all in, all the details. Got it? Ok now let it go and see how long it takes you to see that object.

See you in the next lesson.

Shelly Epperly, Mentor/ Coach

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