Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being Successful Does Not Require Hard Work...

This seems to be a belief that is put on us at a young age and it is a hard one to shake for some. If you are doing what you love... following your calling you should not be working hard to achieve success. You may be sweating and thinking hard but if it is what you are happy doing it will feel great not hard.

The nest time you think of how you are going to reach financial and life success remember that you need to do what you enjoy and the rest will fall into place.

Go back to my previous post. When the "what ifs" rear their heads turn it around to "what if everything always worked out better than I thought" and move on doing what makes you happy.

Writing these blogs and articles is what makes me happy... I love sharing my natural knowledge of the LOA with anyone who is ready to receive it, that is my calling and I am a success because of it. So go find what makes you tick and start doing it just a little each day and see where it takes you... You will be pleasantly surprised how successful you become.

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