Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attracting Money... It is the energy exchange that our society runs on.

Have you heard about the lady who attracted the 112 million dollar lottery? I saw her on two tv shows...Oprah and How the Lottery Changed My Life... Here is her story in a nut shell. She believed and understood the LOA and for some reason had the 112 million figure in her sights. She was sure if she played the lottery when the winnings reached 112 million that she would win and she did on a quick pick.

The reason that this worked for her is because she knew that is she played the lottery at 112 million that she would win. She believed it completely, just like jumping off that building you are going to hit the ground. I tis just a universal law. She didn't get caught up in the details of how it was going to happen or picking the right numbers she just knew with undying faith that is would happen.

When I explain the LOA to others I tell them to do a little experiment.... Close your eyes and think of an object, any object. Now imagine that object right in front of you; can you hold it? Now get the senses involved... how does it feel... how does it smell.... look... does it make noise?  Really get into the details of the object. Now open your eyes and take note how quickly it takes for the Universe to bring that object to you in your physical world.  For me it is usually less than an hour and it appears. This is amazing.

Now put the whole experiment on a much bigger level. Actually it is not a bigger level we just make it out to be so much more than it is... Attracting money of any value is as simple as experiencing it in our minds... knowing that without a doubt that we will get it in our physical world and being open to receiving it.

We get stuck. Our society puts this big misconception on how we as a whole think about money... We have to work hard for it. When we start to shift to what we want to do with that money and stop getting in our own way about how we will get it that is when it will flow into our lives more easily. Money is just another energy that we use to create experiences in this physical world.

Start a bigger experiment and start seeing that money and those experiences you want to enjoy with the money and watch the miraculous ways that is comes into your life. Who knows you might be the next lottery winner. law of attraction, attracting money energy, manifesting money

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