Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Allowing others to be where they are at.

We all do it. Judge others. We all know best how to make other people do better and live better. I mean come on if so and so would just stop whining and get out and do something constructive his or her life might just turn around. I know that is something that I have to let go in my life a lot. I am a bit of an analyzer... always watching and observing what others are doing and what they can do to make their lives better. I guess that is why I love the LOA because it brings quick results.

The thing I have to keep going back to is that unless someone is asking for my help they are just venting and complaining about their current situation and sometimes it is important to just listen and watch them figure it out for themselves. It is not alway, only sometimes, my job to show others tools that will help make their life a better one.

Just like me on my journey through life and learning others are taking a path that works for them and it is great to watch them grow with or without my help. I see myself as a teacher and sometimes that means shutting up and getting curious about what others are capable of.

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