Saturday, December 10, 2011

Understanding why you are stuck.

So you have read all the books, you know what you need to do to become more abundant in all areas of your life but experiences just keep coming up that keep you right where you are...What the hell?

Did you know that you have a default setting just like the computer that you are reading this on does? Yeppers it is called your unconscious mind and it tries to keep you safe right where you are. The unconscious mind picks up on all the experiences that you have in life and I do mean all and locks them away. The experiences that you have that are influential or have a lot of energy behind them are the ones that your unconscious mind set as your default. So when you have self doubt that you replay in your mind to yourself or verbalize to others or you hear something about you from an important, influential person in your life your unconscious mind takes that as truth and sets your default to it.

Your unconscious mind is also connected with everyone's unconscious mind so they without knowing it consciously either do things to lift you to your default or lower you to it, keeping you there. This process happens through energy that you put out and is picked up by others.

So the trick to changing your life is to change your default settings.

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