Friday, December 5, 2008

The Universe says YES!

So I went to my weekly meeting last night and continued a conversation that I had 2 weeks ago with one of my friends about doing seminars and workshops on the LOA. We both are passionate about sharing our knowledge and she is a marketer! That is the one thing that I was scared about is marketing something like that and where? She already has it all figured out. The other thing that was stressing me a little was that I am not sure how to handle the person that sucks the air out of the room in a class type situation and she had that figured out to.

Keep in mind that each time I felt myself going to that stressed place in my mind I would remind myself that the Universe says yes to what ever I am putting my energy towards so I would shift gears and realize that it will all be fine. the Universe said yes and it is all fine. We are going to do these workshops/seminars together and she will be in my upcoming class and be able to help me with any difficult situations. Thank you Universe for making it so effortless.

So remember that the Universe always and I mean always says YES! Next time you are getting excited about something and then you let your ego take over and tell you that it won't work remember that the Universe will say yes to what ever you are putting your energy into so keep it positive and have faith because it works every single time and it is so much better when it is good stuff!


Anonymous said...

That is exactly how you "deal" with the participant who is having trouble, by reminding them of the very same things that you just reminded your readers. And by supporting them in understanding that the Universe is listening and matching our energy every second of every day.

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Hi Michelle,

Sara E. made a very good point. "...the Universe is listening and matching our energy every second of every day."

So, as long as we keep our thoughts and energies focused on the Positive, the Universe will surely say YES!! We look forward to hearing about your many successes to come with your seminars!!

Many Blessings....
Roxanne and Hugo
~ Believe Achieve ~

P.S. You've been TAGGED!! It would be wonderful to hear a few random facts about you! Be sure to stop by our blog and read our Monday post. Have a fantastic week!!