Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Staying focused again...

Wow, I am really learning alot about myself. I have to stay focused on the LOA to keep me grounded and in an attitude of gratitude. In other words if I am not reading or doing affirmations and visualizations daily I tend to slip back to my old ways. And imagine that it usually happens around the same time of the month. Damn Hormones LOL. Anyway I have been getting better and better at pulling myself out of this funk and staying on track. That my fellow LOAers is why it is so important to make your affirmations a real priority in your daily routine.

I love to meditate and have found to help me I get on youtube and search LOA meditation and find a great one to just sit back and listen to. It makes me feel so refreshed.

You vision board can be super helpful too. Take a moment in your day and reflect on your dreams and do something everyday to bring you closer to that. Actions are louder than words and just like god, the universe helps those who help themselves. Don't just sit there, do something!

Keep on keepin on and do something inspirational and make your dreams come true one day at a time.

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