Sunday, December 28, 2008


Wow we all have been tested a bit with either family staying with us or us staying with family. Learning to see the good and let the bad roll off our backs is certainly a challenge for us all.

It is amazing what great things come from a great attitude with all of this. I strongly suggest reading A New Earth By Ecart Tolley (Sp) and learn how to let things go and come from your soul instead of your ego.

In all the chaos sometimes it is easy to forget that we need to accept our family for all that they are and nothing we say or do is going to dramatically change the way they are. We are all responsible for our actions and reactions so make the choice to let it roll off your back and enjoy the time with your family.

Write Thank you notes to all who touched you this Season and enjoy the gratitude that comes back to you 100 fold.

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