Friday, April 13, 2012

What Does Friday the 13th Mean to YOu?

Are you afraid to get in your car or do you welcome the good luck it will bring you?

Do you realize that how your Friday the 13th goes is completely up to you? Yeppers it is. I like good luck and anything I can get extra in life I go for... Friday the 13th is just another Good Luck Day for me and I am searching for the great things that will happen to me and those around me.

In doing this I am seeking out and attracting greatness and it comes to me over and over... confirming my good luck day. I turn everyday into good luck days and then go looking for all the solutions and greatness and BOOM, POOF, TAA DAA there it is right in front of me.

Now for those who think this is a bad luck day they will get just that... why? Because they will be seeking the bad luck and waiting for it, attracting it.

So choose what you want...I want good luck and abundant solutions... Now off to buy a few lottery tickets.


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