Monday, April 30, 2012

Ordering From the Universe and Faith

So you are aware of the law of attraction and doing your best to have faith and be thankful and yet you are not getting immediate results so you keep asking and putting in your orders. Where are they and why aren't they here yet?

Well part of it is because if you are dwelling on not having it, whatever you ordered, you are not having faith that the Universe will deliver. You are focusing on lack instead of placing the order/request and then going on with your life as normal doing your best to be happy and grateful for what you have.

Lets compare this to ordering from Sears. You want a new bed set so you find the perfect one in the catalog and call in your order. You know it is coming because you did your part, you ordered it and you have faith that Sears will fulfill the order as they have many times before to millions of people. So what would happen if you ordered your bed set and then the next day you were worried that they didn't hear you and you called them back. "Yes ma'am we have your order in our system and it should be shipping out in a few days".... The next day comes and you are not sure if they heard you the second time so you call again... and so on. Does that sound a little crazy? Yeah.

In reality you place the order and they tell you about when you are going to receive it so you let it go. You don't keep dwelling on how you still have an old bed set and why hasn't the new one shown up yet. You know it is coming. That is the faith you need to have when placing orders with the Universe... Put it out there.... Imagine/Visualize what it will look like... the new bed set in your room.... and then let it go, knowing it is on it's way to you.

This will bring your orders.

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