Sunday, July 26, 2015

Choosing To Be Happy

Went on a bit of a road trip yesterday. Me and the husband traveled about two and half hours up to the Seattle area to watch our 13 year old child perform in The Wenatchee Youth Circus. Talk about making the choice to be happy. All these kids from the littles to the adult-teens were all having the time of their lives. Low wire, high wire, trapeze, ladders, teeter boards and clowning. I know I missed a few but they were all bravely doing this in front of a small crowd because they loved it.

Included in all of this was our daughter. She Clowns and is a fill in Ring Mistress. Our daughter in her element, smiling from cheek to cheek. After the show we said our goodbyes to all the Circus members that we had met. I even was recruited to french braid a few heads of hair. We left our daughter with them. She wanted to stay and help them "tear down the lot". Being a part of all the aspects of the circus life is important and she knows that. She had the opportunity to leave with us and skip it all but to her that is all part of the fun and the responsibility.

So after we hugged her and gave her a few bucks for a meal on the road we left our clown and headed home. On the way home we talked about how happy she is and how sad it was that some don't ever find happiness in this world. I am amazed that both of our daughters have managed to find what they love at a young age and both have grabbed ahold.

So the key to happiness is simply to choose it and do it. Happiness isn't a goal, it's a way of life. You get up in the morning and you choose to choose things that make you happy.

There are a million and one excuses not to be happy, to see the crappy side of everything. If you live your life like that.. well then you are making that choice. You don't know that you could take that same energy and redirect it into a better way of looking at things. Now you do.. when you know better you have the opportunity to do better. So it's on you now.


You are unhappy with your job. I say well then get a new job. You say, it's not that easy. I say, WHY? I mean I know you aren't going to find a new job this afternoon, or are you? When was the last time you looked on Craigslist for jobs like yours? Or... Even better when was the last time you looked at what it would take to do that one job you have always wanted to do? Go do it and start to choose happiness. Get some hope going NOW.

Is it really that easy? Yes it really is that easy with all aspects of your life. Does it mean that nothing is going go wrong? No. You will run into obstacles and brick walls. But here is another key. After you yell and scream and throw your fit when your vacation money has to be spent on the auto mechanic to fix the car... Get your butt up, brush it off and start looking for solutions and lessons. It's not about what happens to you but how you handle it that makes you a happy person.

Hope this helps you choose Happiness.

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