Monday, August 20, 2012


Whether you are focusing on an intimate relationship, family member or friend... they all involve other people with differing beliefs and opinions than yours.

I feel that although I am not perfect I believe there are reason's for all of these interactions with others that happen for reasons and are meant to be learned from.

I personally try to figure out people all the time analyzing them... it is something that just comes naturally to me and I can even turn the tables and look at myself in this manner. For example I know that if someone is really bugging me that there is something about myself that bothers me and I need to turn the tables. For example when other drivers are saying not so nice things to me when I am spacing off or make a wrong move. I realize that I am in a pretty regular conversation with other drivers out loud in my car. Hmmm maybe I need to change that and realize that we all have different styles and abilities.

People come and go. I have realized in my infinite wisdom that there are people that come and go out of your life, throughout your life. This can happen in many ways: death, divorce, moving, finding a new crowd, new job or school. I think we have all experienced these situations. As I have grown consciously I have moved one from some of the people in my life. I used to worry about it but I now know that it is just part of the process of being human. Allow this to happen for you. Have the wisdom to move on when needed.

Don't hang on to a person out of fear. Be it a friend, spouse or child... have the independence to move on if they are moving on. It is ok for others to shift and go int different phases of their own lives with out you. YOu should be shifting, changing and moving into phases too. Living and learning that is what this human experience is all about. Coexist

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Patti said...

Thanks Shelly, I will try to keep all of it in mind. I just need to find something in my future to be happy and excited about. Right now, life just sucks. I have been here almost 3 years and have not been "allowed" to meet new people other than Doctors, nurses and test givers. Such fun. At this time I am in a 1/2 acre "prison" that I have no way of escaping. Maybe someday.