Thursday, August 27, 2009

You are holding the door knob of your life.

I hear others and even myself state that doors are opening or closing in their lives as if it is something that there is no control over. Do you realize that you are always holding the doorknob? If the door closes you have found a reason/excuse for it to close and if it is open and you walk thru it to a new opportunity it is because you have made that choice.

Every time you make an excuse of why you are not being who you really are you are slamming your own door. When you put out a desire for your self and then stick that "but I can't because" you have just shut that door. You can blame it on outside sources but it is your life and if you want that door to be open you have to grab the knob and open it. No signs are going to come along and tell you to, no time is better than right now. Now is all you have so make it what you want it and keep walking thru the doors of your desire. And Remember You are Holding the Door Knob of Your Life.

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