Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are you Connected to Your Authentic Self?

Do you know your Authentic Self? and how in the hell do you stay connected with it? We are all Spirits having a Human experience so in order to stay connected to our Authentic self we have to stay connected to that spiritual side of ourselves.

Sound hard? Actually it is so easy and just requires you to let go of your ego and and relax about what ever you are stressing about. I know this sounds so difficult for some so I have borrowed a little bit form Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Just always picture yourself in a row boat on the River of Your Life. If you are a dreamer your River is flowing fast, if you are just getting started on your journey to happiness your river is a little calmer. Either case it is flowing and you are manning the boat. You can either turn upstream, work hard and go against the current of your life with lots of struggle and stress or you can let go of the oars (ego) and go with the flow and be you, the authentic you.

It comes down to this folks, all you desire is down the river and when you learn to relax and let it take you there you will get great things out of life.

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Jonathan said...

Hi Michelle... Just subscribed to your blog. I enjoyed your reminder about the Abraham-Hicks, upstream/downstream concept. It's one of the things I carry with me every day.

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