Friday, October 31, 2008

My new LOA group, we meet every Thursday evening :o)

So I had my second LOA meet up with my Mom and 3 others and it went so well! We meet here in Klamath Falls at Elmers Restaurant at 6:30 PM, casual, no host, girls night out sort of thing.

The first one last week transpired because I was all signed up to teach a class on the LOA and due to lack of participation the Community College canceled it so I am on for Winter term and shortened my class. Sooo anyhow it all worked out because due to some negativity and lessons that needed to be learned on my part I dislocated my knee the day that my actual class would have started. So I get a call from an old friend who I had reconnected with a little bit due to her daughter and my stepdaughter being friends, she asks if I was the one doing the class? I tell her yes and she informs me that she signed up for it and was super bummed that it was not going to happen and could we get together anyway. YES I say and so we agreed to start it in a few weeks due to My knee and her up coming trip to see her sick Dad.

The first meeting was great, there were 4 of us. I advertised a bit on a few free sites in the community about our little group get together and got one taker. We just talked about how we all got to the LOA and what we all knew about it. We wrapped it up with an assignment to write our perfect day.

Last night was our second meeting and we gained a person so there were 5 of us. We all ordered a little something yummy, OK I did, cinnamon swirl french toast made from a sticky bun YUM!!!! We talked and talked about our perfect day, about how once you discover the LOA and how to use it there is no turning back. We discussed how when you find yourself bringing negative things into your life it is so easy to turn it around, see the positive and move forward to what you really want.

I am looking so forward to next week and our growing group of like minded souls getting together and keeping each other on track.

Stay tuned for more updates on our LOA group.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What are your beliefs and how do you change them?

Do you try to change but keep ending up right back where you started so you give up for a while till you get desperate again? I think we have all been there, so the question is why?? It is because your ingrained beleifs that are in your subconscious mind keep you in one place until you change those core beleifs. Here is how you do just that.

Take out a piece of paper and write down 20 of your beliefs, don't think about it, just write, good or bad dosen't matter.

Now go through that list and write down what your belief should be and and what makes that true. Here is an example...

1. I am not confident, replaced with I am confident because I can talk to anyone and get my information to them with out feeling anxsious about it.
2. I am not good with money, replaced with I am great with money and it comes freely to me because I allow it to and am financially free.
3. I am a great mom because my kids are well rounded and doing well in school.

That is 3 examples of how to do this exercise. The first is an example of a beleif that you have that is not true to your conscious mind but is somehow in your subconscious and needs to be reprogramed to the truth. You are confident and here is the proof. The second is something that you believe and need to affirm something different in order to reprogram. You know that the truth is that you are not good with money so start affirming that you are good with money and see yourself as financially free and that will reprogram your subconscious mind. The third is a positive beleif that you know is the truth and you are jsut reaffirming that truth to keep it strong.

So now write a new list of beliefs about yoru self with the new positive ones and the whys to back up those new beliefs and read them and say them and visualize them daily. The Universe will start to reprogram to bring these new beliefs into action for you.

Go create your new beliefs NOW!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who are you spending your time with?

Do you surround yourself with people that are like minded or energy drainers? This is a big part of the person you are in all aspects of your life. Really take a look at your friends, family, co workers... are there people that support your ideas, dreams and ways of thinking? If yes then great you are on the right track, keep it up.

If the answer is no it is time to reevaluate your social circle. this may be one of the hardest things to do but you cant spend your time and energy with people who are constantly trying to bring you down. Their are huge emotions tied to most of these people so if they are constantly telling you how bad everything is and cutting up your ideas it is next to impossible to let these thigns roll off your back.

How to make this chenge? Join some groups, classes, even message boards or blogs of people that you would like to befriend/become. Choose others that will be like mentors. Sometimes it is not even important to for yo to know them, just read their book and take what you can from them. As you get deeper into your goals and intensions you will attract like minded people.

Does this mean that you have to tell some of your not so supportive family members and friends to step off? Not at all, you can be honest with them and ask them to no longer bring you all the bad news, you can be passive about it and ask them what gret things are going on with them or you can jsut stop hanging out with them. As you become who you want to be they will either recognize yor new outlook and disappear or get on board.

Just remember it is not your job to change others, lead by exampl and allow them to be where they are in their own journey.

I hope this helps you on your Journey to a better life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What kind of person are you?

Are you a Human Being that has Spiritual experiences or a Spiritual Being that is having a Human experience?

There are alot of people that don't realize that we are all connected with everything. If this is you it is time to work on your spiritual side. In order to fully understand the LOA you need to be a spiritual being and realize that we are having a human experience. This realization will open huge doors for you here on earth. It will wipe fear from your life and show you that you are capable of whatever you want.

Some of the ways to get in touch with your spiritual side is to meditate, just being with yourself and the Universe/God (insert your higher self here) helps you understand how deeply we are all connected through our subconscious or higher self. Believe me I know this is hard to do. I am a bit on the hyper side myself and need assistance with this. I go on youtube and search meditation and there are several great videos that will walk you thought the process and you can just sit right where you are and meditate. There are also book, audios and videos that you can purchase to help. So go to a quiet place, turn off the phone, lock the door and spend some time with your and your higher self.

Another way is to have one of these spiritual experiences that you hear about. Sometimes this happens to you, you have a near death experience, not recommended :o), you have a great soulful experience at church, you have a LOA moment that opens you up to the possibilities of the Universe. The best way to experience this is to get serious about The LOA or your ability to be one with the Universe/God through a prayer, affirmation etc...

So work on you and your spiritual side and get things moving in the right direction to be a bigger person right now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What to do when there is a set back in your plans

Ahhh, Thinks are not working out the way I wanted them to. What do I do??

So you are working towards your dreams and something comes along that throws you completely off track. What now?

First are you having doubts? Maybe you are doing affirmations and visualizing but in your day to day life you are still expressing your debt, self esteem issues, lack of ? in your life.

If this is the case then it is time to rethink your dialogue in your head. When you see something in a store and you start to think I can't afford that, stop and say outloud or at least in your head I can afford that. visualize it in your home and where you woudl put it, if it is clothing see yourself wearing it or your child wearing it. Start making a habit of this process and things will change for the better.

So if you are already doing this and staying in that state of abundance and happiness and you still get blind sided by something just find the best in it and move on. The Universe works in mysterious yet meaningful ways and it is bringing you to an opportunity that you need to shift to see. So see all the greatness in this new situation and press forward.

Write down your intensions everyday and follow it with key things that you can do to make that happen. I try to blog everyday on several sites because it moves me forward towards getting more clients in my life coaching business. Stay the course, take action and believe and you will recieve.

Shelly Epperly
Life Coach

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Be in an Attitude of Gratitude!

Did you know that you can bring more greatness into your life just by being grateful for what is here that you already have? It is so true and it is so important to consistantly be in this attitude of gratitude.

Think about this, You enter a restaurant and imidietly get upset with how the hostess treated you so you take it out on a very efficient waitress and the whole experience turns bad. Been there done that, right? Well think about if you go a different route and be a little sympathetic towards the hostess, maybe suggest that the nest customers get seated faster because not everyone will be as understanding as you are. Then your waitress comes over and you are very nice to her and thank her for her effecincey on the job. 2 totally different experience just by being in a different attitude, your attitude of gratitude.

You can get in the habit of this in many different ways, here are a few that work great for me.

Gratitude Rock, this works really good for men because they keep their stuff in their pockets everyday, so pick a smaller stone that will fit well with your change, keys and all that other stuff you keey in your pocket, it could even be a special trinket or coin. Everytime you put your handin your pocket and feel it in there be grateful for something, when you pull it out in the evening and put it back in the morning be grateful for more things. This is a great way to be consistant.

Writing thank you notes, I do this weekly. Every Monday I write 3 to 5 tahnk you notes to people in my life or to the Manager of the Store where I got great service by so and so at the service counter, I remember names or write them down so I can give credit where credit is due. I write to family memebers that helped talk me thru something, friends, coworkers, mentors etc... This is a great way because you are on the look out for who to write these notes to all week long so you are always being grateful.

You can come up with your own way or use mine. Give it a go and see the little things that start to shift and get bigger and better in your life!!!

Shelly Epperly, Life coach

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting your intensions clear!

So you figured out what you want. Are you ready to get into the details and figure out what it is you really want? I have clients who say I just want to witn the lottery and everythign would be great. Really?! So you would pay off your bills, buy some really nice stuff, spoil a few loved ones and invest s little and then what?.... History shows that if somebody is not ready for the financial windfall they will end right back where they started. The moral of the story... You need to change for your situation to change so here we go. Hang on.

Your goals need to be your intension every single day. You need to work towards them and step farther out of your comfort zone every day to grow into the bigger person that you are striving to be.

Homework, Take a 3x5 card, cut it in half and on one side write down your intensions/goals int he present tense. Example, I am..... and then on teh other side write down 6 things that you need to do that day to bring you steps closer to your goal in order of priority. If something gets bumped move it tot he next day. This will help you get closer everyday and boost your confidence in yourself by accomplishing soem realy actions daily. Keep challenging yourself and visualizing and you will wake up and be ther before you know it.

Creat you life Now!

Shelly Epperly
Life Coach
Coaching you to your success!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What daily challenges really mean

So the Law of Attraction states that we should enjoy what we are doing so every time I would hit a wall I would give up because it was hard and life is supposed to be easy, Right? Well this is what I have learned recently.

When you are changing and becoming your intended self and setting and meeting goals you are stepping outside of your own box. This means that youa re goign to run into things that you have never done before and they will seem hard and frustrating. What does this wall mean? It means that you are moving forward, get excited because you are reaching new heights in your life and this little bump should be looked at as opportunity to learn a new skill or way of doing things.

So don't give up when it gets a little hard, find a new way to get to the other side of these challenges and move forward happily toward your intensions.
Shelly Epperly
Coaching you to your success!!!